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The search engine landscape has been changing dramatically with the new updates and features being rolled out every day so that companies can compete fiercely in the online space. With this fierce competition and its advantages to a business, everyone wants to be the top result on search engines to gain the maximum amount of traffic.

At Bigcart, we are focused on the most important element of your e-commerce website - making it more profitable! To that end, we utilise the most effective organic search engine optimisation and link building methodologies to push your website to the first page (organically) on all of the major search engines. We guarantee your website's first page ranking on major search engines or we'll give you your full money back!

Over 250 million searches are made each day across the major search engines. Nearly 70% of those searchers do not look beyond the 1st page of the naturally appearing search results. Nearly 68% completely skip over any paid-for ads, which is why it is so crucial to appear on the organic or natural (non-paid) search results of the major search engines like Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo!.

bronze seo
per month
setup fee $149
2 Keywords 25PR3+ Directory Submission 50PR4+ Profile Link 50 Mixed PR Profile Links 3 Linkwheels-30submission
gold seo
per month
setup fee $149
6 Keywords 100PR3+ Directory Submission 200PR4+ Profile Link 200 Mixed PR Profile Links 3 Linkwheels-90submission
platinum seo
per month
setup fee $149
10 Keywords 150PR3+ Directory Submission 300PR4+ Profile Link 300 Mixed PR Profile Links 3 Linkwheels-150submission

Top 5 reasons to work with us

Time is money

Doing SEO the right way takes time, and lots of it. This is not including the time it takes to learn what it is and what works best, but also a large amount of time to implement it. Your website’s content needs to be optimised. You need to spend hours building links to your site as well as making the website itself SEO friendly. If you had all day, every day, this would not be a problem. Because you own your company, you understandably have many other tasks to attend to. Your job needs to be focusing on your customers or clients. Every hour that you spend working on SEO tasks is time and money taken away from you and your company.

SEO is a lifestyle

According to Bigcart, when you hire an SEO consultant, you are essentially getting someone whose exact job is to live and breath SEO for your website, 24/7. They will work hard for you and do whatever it takes to get your website ranked well and visible in the search engines. They know how to keep up to date with the newest tricks and techniques for search engine optimisation.

Professional copywriting

Though you may be good at running your business, you might not have the means nor time that's necessary to do the copy writing for your site. Many times over, an SEO company will have staff that can help you complete your copy writing. The grammar, style and tone of your website needs to be professional and effective in converting your visitors into paying customers or clients.

Better conversion

A good SEO consultant will not only be able to help you get your website seen, but they are also good at doing what it takes to turn your visitors into paying customers and clients. They are professionals at e-commerce and they know how to tweak your site so that a good amount of your visitors will become customers. Conversion all comes down to how well your site is structured.

Great investment

As a business owner and website owner, you know that finding a good investment is always worth its weight in gold. Hiring an SEO consultant is a good investment that will always give back to you, over and over again. Very simply, if you cannot get your website seen by people, then you will not make any money from it. It is that simple! An SEO consultant does everything needed to get your site seen by customers. It’s all about time and professionalism versus money. Make sure you choose an ethical SEO company with a proven, lengthy track record and impressive ROI statistics and it's certain you won’t regret it. SEO will prove to be the primary reason for more traffic reaching your website, so why risk something this integral by doing it yourself.

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